Wide Camellia Range Hood


Wide Camellia Range Hood offers specially designed horizontal arrangements to compliment open-wall concepts or large upper cabinet spaces. Double and triple stack bands help keep the nice bell shape curvature un-compromised with unique strap-work to compliment all the right curves. Lacquered patina finish will NOT change while making your range hood one of the easiest to maintain. Choose a stainless steel ventilation unit that fits your cooking style.

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    Medium light roast

    Medium Roast

    Light roast

    Dark roast


    Our Wide Camellia Range Hood has been one of the most popular designs and it never goes out of style. Unique configuration of design make this hood a very attracting focal piece! The distinct features are continues horizontal straps to compliment the wide concept, while vertical straps help pronounce the bell shape curvature. Four beautiful patina colors all naturally finished in light, medium light, medium and dark patinas. If you have extra room between cabinets, we recommend overlapping your cooktop by a few inches on each side to achieve the best surface area coverage. It’s recommended to set your range hood 30”- 36” above your cooktop. We recommend it to be in the middle at 33” for best ventilation and easy access to your fan controls. Don’t settle for less, let us build a luxury range hood that will make you want to cook all day!