Tall Bettina Range Hood


Tall Bettina Range Hood is the flagship of our range hood line! Ornate set of straps bridging between horizontal and vertical lines to make this range hood a grandiose statement. Comes standard with a copper crown molding finished at the top.

If you need more custom options for Tall Bettina, please call: 360-891-6540

    Medium light roast

    Medium Roast

    Light roast

    Dark roast


    Tall Bettina Range Hood is only 1 of 2 range hoods to feature arched bottom band making it a very unique design in our collection. Lower arch offsets the range hoods height by approx. 6″ between center and sides. Distance from cooktop should be set no less than 36″ with insert housed at the same level as the top of the arch. Overall range hood depth requires this range hood to be from 23-24″ for proper bell shape curvature.

    Custom Ventilation

    Experience easy to use interface with LED lights and optional automatic 5 minute shut off timer. Dishwasher safe commercial stainless steel baffle filters makes it easy to clean and maintain. Large baffle filters are designed to reduce air movement sound for quiet performance. Rubber mounted large motor and squirrel cage blower also reduce any sound and vibration noises. Tell us how many burners you typically use an average and we’ll set the insert blower to best suit your needs. Secondly, bottom of the range hood should be 36” above your cooktop, give or take