Pearl Range Hood


Pearl Range Hood is a smart mix of simple stainless body and a clean crisp accent of brass or copper. Fill your contemporary kitchen space with a subtle elegance and bold restraint. Choose a straight edge body or curved. Add brass or copper bottom apron with or without straps. For more custom options, please call us: 360-891-6540

    Natural Brass

    Natural Stainless

    Light Patina

    Medium Light

    Dark Patina


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    Pearl Range Hood makes an easy transition into a modern or contemporary kitchen. We suggest adding a simple set of accents such as a brass bottom band or strap work to compliment your range hood. These accents set beautifully on natural stainless body and will give balance and warm tones.

    Custom Ventilation

    Experience easy to use interface with LED lights and optional automatic 5 minute shut off timer. Dish washer safe, commercial-grade, stainless steel baffle filters makes it easy to clean and maintain. Large baffle filters are designed to reduce air movement sound for quiet performance. Rubber mounted large motor and squirrel cage blower also reduce any sound and vibration noises. Tell us how many burners you typically use an average and we’ll set the insert blower to best suit your needs. Secondly, the bottom of the range hood should be 34” above your cooktop, give or take a few inches, to see where it’s comfortable for you. Available CFM power options of 390 (Code Compliant), 600 and 1200 CFM.