Madison Range Hood


Madison Range Hood is a unique french modern classic design handcrafted from genuine American brass and combined with a natural looking Clear Coat finish. This design features curvature and proportion to fit 8 foot ceilings, 9 foot or even 10 foot ceilings. Let us help you proportionalize your range hood to accomodate tall ceiling situations before you finalize your kitchen cabinet layout.

Offered in your choice of three materials: brass, copper or stainless steel. Need more custom options? Please feel free give us a call anytime: 360-891-6540

    Natural Brass

    Natural Stainless

    Light Patina

    Medium Light

    Dark Patina


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    All American Product
    Madison Range Hood has the architectural form that becomes the spotlight in kitchens with tall ceiling and has the potential to shine in wide proportions too. The beauty of raw natural materials and its glorious finish are protected under our special mix of Clear Coat that you will not find from any other manufacturer because we care too much to protect your brass range hood. This mixture allows us to seal the material without showing any gloss, resulting in a natural finish. If you would like a super to mild gloss or  even matte finish for your perfect finish, we got those too. Art of Range Hoods gives you easy maintenance and care for your range hood in a timeless form. Let your hood stand out with the right material, choose brass, copper or stainless steel to make it the focal point of your kitchen. Choose a powerful fan that will accommodate your cooking style from 400 CFM make up (air code compliant) to 1200 CFM professional twin blowers. If you have extra room between cabinets, our experts recommend to overlap your cooktop by at least few inches on each side to achieve the best surface area coverage. It’s recommended to set your range hood 30”- 36” above your cooktop. We recommend it to be set at 32”-34″ for best ventilation and easy access to your fan controls. Don’t settle for less, let us build a luxury range hood that will make you want to cook all day!