Estella Range Hood


Estella Range Hood features a design that appeals to all types of personalities. Comes standard with a copper crown molding at the top and one continuous horizontal bottom strap. If simplicity isn’t for you add two front vertical straps as desired. Need more custom options, call us: 360-891-6540

    Medium light roast

    Medium Roast

    Light roast

    Dark roast


    All American Product

    Estella Range Hood accommodates both the gathering and the cooking with its charming looks and athletic ventilation. This classic concave body is relaxed with a sleek smooth surface and a touch of patina. Estella has a collection of horizontal bands that pop in and out to make this an architectural statement. Comes standard with one horizontal iron strap on the bottom band or choose additional two vertical straps if range hood height permits. Range hood is finished with a natural style lacquer that is not glossy nor matte, just flat. Enjoy!