Boston Range Hood


The Boston Range Hood is a blend of signature styles from our collection into one timeless piece. To compliment the color scheme accessories are kept to a minimum. The strap metal of choice is a brushed stainless steel with pop rivets. If you need this design customized your way, call us today: 360-891-6540

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The Boston Range Hood includes elements of traditional design and contemporary finishings. Clean monochromatic finish is durable and easy to maintain. Simple accents include three vertical and two horizontal strap runs finished in natural stainless form. This range will bring the ultimate WOW factor to your kitchen! Choose a fan power that will accommodate your cooking style from 400 CFM make up (air code compliant) to 1200 CFM professional twin blowers. If you have extra room between cabinets, experts recommend to overlap your cooktop by a few inches on each side to achieve the best surface area coverage. It’s recommended to set your range hood 30”- 36” above your cooktop. We recommend it to be set at 32” for best ventilation and easy access to your fan controls. Don’t settle for less, let us build a luxury range hood that will make you want to cook all day!

    White Finish

    Black Finish

    Stainless Steel

    Brash Finish

    Silver Metallic Finish

    Chrome Metallic Finish