Bettina Range Hood


Standard Bettina Range Hood represents the trademark colors and big curvature of Tuscan hills. If you’re embarking on a new kitchen build and looking for warm and welcoming colors, this design will be just right for you! Start with your width, height and mounting to build your range hood.

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    Medium Light Patina

    Medium Patina

    Light Patina

    Dark Patina


    Standard Bettina Range Hood features warm rustic matte finish with distressed body texture. Distinctly styled with two vertical straps to provide a nice touch to the curvature and a bold horizontal statement on the bottom band. Standard options include a copper crown molding and a double stack upside down pyramid band(you heard that right). Most importantly you’ll be happy to know that this hood is made from 100% American virgin copper that is lead free. Unlike all of our competitors we’ll show you where our copper is locally sourced. Clean and safe copper that won’t have you second guessing its origin or quality. In fact, this is why we back this with lifetime warranty! We’re not worried for any warranty, its from our hands to your home just like the good old American fashion way.

    Custom Ventilation

    Experience easy to use interface with LED lights and optional automatic 5 minute shut off timer. Dish washer safe commercial stainless steel baffle filters makes it easy to clean and maintain. Large baffle filters are designed to reduce air movement sound for quiet performance. Rubber mounted large motor and squirrel cage blower also reduce any sound and vibration noises. Tell us how many burners you typically use an average and we’ll set the insert blower to best suit your needs. Secondly, bottom of the range hood should be 34” above your cooktop, give or take