Our Story

Who we are and where we come from.

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Art of Rain is a father and son shop focused on building extraordinary metal pieces one at a time for homes prominent places such kitchens range hood, rain spouts, chimney tops and wall art. Our product is not produced by anyone other than my father and myself. Each range hood or art spout is fashioned from a single sheet of 100% Virgin Cold Rolled American Copper(or 304 stainless) and delivered from us to you.

For 5 generations we have carried our sheet-metal family secret recipes to make our product distinctly unique. We work with many different types of clients including designers, design firms, home builders, architects and home decorators. We enjoy working with each customer personally, making sure all expectations are met directly.

Art of Rain History

My father is an amazing artist with a technical eye for design and engineering. Black Smith and Engineer by trade he took on a project with sheet metal to help decorate an old Orthodox Church with ornamental art work from stainless steel. His passion grew with each art piece he created and replicated many more decorative roofs, chimneys, custom artistic downspouts and ornaments for wealthy clients across Europe. Seeing the success he continued to pursue his passion in the United States with more advanced designs for range hoods, copper roofs, chimney tops, awnings and artistic downspouts. My fathers’ artistic talents have reached many media outlets including The Washington Post, Fine Homebuilding, The Oregonian, The Columbian and many more!

Growing up around my fathers’ business, I’ve advanced my metal-smithing apprenticeship from the age of 10 years old. He took me everywhere! Traveling across country to trade shows, showcasing my fathers’ business and learning the lost art of metal-smithing. My father saw my passion working with copper and learning to be a patina artist from early years while participating in the Portland Creative Metal Arts Guild Show for more than 10 years. Taking patina classes and studying with talented Ron Young has helped me achieve great success in my line of work. Patina and finish work has been my passion for many years and I love doing what I do today with Art of Rain.

Today we have the honor of serving the Pacific Northwest region and around the world. Our customers have entrusted us to create our legacy in their home, a legacy each family business once carried.

Copper Today…

Unfortunately many online websites selling copper items (range hoods, downspouts, sinks and faucets) “falsely” claim their product to be made in USA. Many online companies intentionally will not disclose where their product is manufactured and do everything to make it seem made in USA. This usually means their copper product is made in China (or others similar) from soft recycled annealed copper that can carry lead, mercury, and arsenic, all of which take away from the “antibacterial” properties they claim their products have. Furthermore, daily exposure to these nasty chemicals is extremely dangerous to you and your family. With millions of lead-infused items being recalled from China, this kind of business is not with promoting healthy environments for your kitchen and home. We hope this awareness will bring a healthy decision to our customers and to buy from domestic American brands that produce their product here at home. Quality product is quality of lifestyle.

Our Promise…

All of our products and range hoods are custom made to order from a single sheet of cold rolled domestic Virgin Copper that is 99.72%(.28% silver) pure(much harder and stronger than imported annealed range hoods or materials). Unlike our online competitors, you won’t find any lead, mercury or arsenic in our range hoods or downspouts. All of our materials are locally sourced and domestic, including fan inserts made by TradeWind (Universal Metals Industries INC). You’ll be happy to know that all of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty and are easy to use and maintain. This is our promise to you.