Hammered Old Penny finish

Unique with depth and tone, Old Penny finish comes standard on all of our range hoods.

Eye popping effect caused by hand hammering the copper prior to assembly. Hand hammered 

patterns are irregular in depth, size and texture. Once patina is applied, copper indents cause 

patina to darken and oxidate in a very rich dark color. Finished with a light coat of lacquer to protect the patina. 

Use soft towel with soap and warm water to maintain a clean surface. Apply a light coat of wax to prolong and 

protect the lacquer. 

Smooth Vintage Brown finish
If you love warm antique brown colors, you will be delighted with our popular Vintage Brown patina.
Vintage Brown finish has an up charge for a special prep work prior to and during assembly. This continues 
process allows us to control the amount of oxidation and shade desired. A light clear coat of flat lacquer 
applied for depth and protection. Patina is applied by hand in a circular motion with steel wool. This unique 
process gives each finish a distinct and unique personality varying in shades one to another. Use soft towel 
with soap and warm water to maintain a clean surface. Apply a light coat of wax to prolong and protect 
the lacquers life. 
How to clean your range hood
Wash with clean soft, non-abrasive cloth or towel with soap and warm water. Please do not scrub or use 
any acid based chemicals, this may damage the patina or lacquer. It is best to wipe your copper range hood
dry to prevent any dry spots. We always recommend applying a light coat of wax to your range hood after
cleaning(use Mothers Carnauba Wax Step 3 for best results).
This will add a layer of protection to lacquer finish against dust and grease. How often should
you clean your range hood? This could be every 6-10 months(depending on how heavy and often you cook). 
Final words on patina
Not all patina colors and textures are the same. This is true, it is part of the natural process of oxidation.
Copper is a sensitive material that is effected by climate and temperature. But, our technique and experience
allows us to control the coppers magic. Thus, each finish has it's own unique and distinct character.
Patina finishes give our range hoods beautiful rich tones that look even better with age! 
Nothing feels more wonderful than to be surrounded by beauty! Especially in your very own home!