Cleaning your range hood...

This instructions applies to all of our range hoods. Use clean soft, non-abrasive cloth or towel with soap and warm water. With damp towel wash your range hood in the same direction as patina pattern. Please do not scrub with any acid based chemicals or abrasive material(steel wool or sanding grits/sponges), this may damage the lacquer or patina(if you have wax finish, please seek advise from us on how to properly shine up your patina). It’s best to wipe your copper range hood dry to prevent any dry spots. Apply a light coat of Mothers Carnauba Step 3 Wax(you can use paper towels) to your range hood after cleaning, this must be done on all types of finishes. Wax is also recommended on range hoods that are lacquered too, as preventative maintenance to prolong lacquers life and strength.

How often should you clean your range hood? As often as needed. This could be every 6-10 months(depending on how heavy and often you cook). 

Side note...

If you happen to scratch your range hood and end up with a shiny, bright streak, please let your range hood heal itself. Yes, you heard that right! Over short period of time the scratch will darken and cover with same patina color. No need to help the copper do its magic! 

how to clean your range hood 2

We highly recommend to use Mothers Carnauba Wax Step 3. Not only does it protect the copper but also gives it a unique and natural tone depth.

carnauba wax step iii